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iPhone Repair

One of our most popular services. Our technicians are extremely proficient in all things iPhone. We offer a variety of iPhone services from screen replacements to GSM unlocking. Call for more details.

Android Repair

There are hundreds of Android phone models available to choose from and we can fix them all. From the charge port on the bottom to the headphone jack at the top we are the technicians of choice. Call for individual repair pricing.

iPad Repair

Tablets are increasingly common and big screens are prone to accidents. The next time your iPad or any other tablet is involved in an accident bring it to us, we can help!

Water Damage

Electronic devices and liquids do not play well together. Even if your device seems to be working properly after having been wet it is only a matter of time before the corrosion causes irreversible damage to circuit board level components. The sooner you bring wet devices in the better its chances of survival.

Data Recovery

Do you just want the data off your damaged device? We can usually "repair" your device temporarily, just long enough to pull your data off or send it to the cloud where it can be accessed by your new device.

Micro Solder

We have all the right equipment to take care of potential solder needs. These repairs are usually so small they can't be done without the use of a microscope! Not to worry, we have a few and we have steady hands. We will get your devices back up and running in no time.

90 Day Warranty!

You can have peace of mind with our full 90 day warranty. The last thing you want to have after a repair is a defective part. We strive to buy only the best OEM quality parts and we hire only technicians who take pride in their work. If there is anything that is not right we will fix it as long as the parts are not damaged.


Just have to hop on here and leave a review since we were very impressed with this place. Cell phone repair places are kind of hit-and-miss, but these guys act like a real business. Very professional, great knowledge of different cell phones, they have all the tools to do proper repairs, and they also have a great selection of quality used phones for reasonable prices. We went there because someone else replaced the LCD on my wife's Galaxy S3 and it broke after a month. She needed to get some notes off the phone, and these guys hooked her phone up to a new LCD, let us get the notes, and charged practically nothing for it. I'd highly recommend this store.

Joe S.

Very impressed with my visit to this store. My son broke his iphone 6 screen and I needed it replaced fast and for a fair price. This store did both. They had the phone fixed and looking brand new in no time! I usually don't write online reviews but I was so impressed with how I was treated and the quality of service that I am compelled to share my experience. I found exactly what I was looking for. Save a trip to the Apple Store and save some money by doing it local.

Mike L.

Zac saved the day!!!! He was efficient, kind, and brave to take on my phone. It is worth driving a distance just to have his help

Melodie T.

Great place to find use phones. staff was helpful acknowledge. I would definitely recommend Xpress mobile.

Luis R.